Friday, 17 September 2010

The Short Post

Dear friends, time to catch up - again.
The kiln is working. So it was time to sort out an ailing computer, an apple mac, so old, so antiquated and redundant at 8 years old, that it could not download new software, had not been able to for about 4 years in fact, and had reached the point that even you tube was refusing to share its secrets with me. No great loss you might think, but you'd be surprised. Fine things can be found on that site and I was missing them. Flash player? you must be joking. I couldn't use it at all. 'Get a modern browser,' barked the pop-up box. 'I would if I could,' I sighed. So, I saved and saved and saved and now have a new computer - which doesn't work either. It's working now, I hear you say. Yes. It wont this evening though. I don't think the fault is with the computer though. The culprit is - oh yes of course it is - BT. I haven't had functional broadband for about a month now. They're working on it, they say. We'll see. This is the first time I've been able to write a post, but I haven't uploaded it yet...
The computer? Well it's a fancy new apple mac. I'll talk about it later. I do think it's SENSATIONALLY vulgar though. I'm sorry. I know I'm supposed to love it but I dont. Well not yet anyway. I shall explore it vulgarity in time. I want to get to the studio now.
Oh, just one more thing - I also have a new mobile number - also my studio number - 07771 872473 - just practising. It is my 'public' number though. It's a blackberry and this I do love. I love it's sound. I can hear it. I love it's efficiency. It works. I love its size and holdability. Spell check doesn't approve of that word but you know what it means and so do I so SC will have to cope. I just love the freedom it gives me. I can check the weather and the transport updates without need of computer - bugger the broadband. Screen's a bit small for facebook but that's probably a good thing. Ok. I really am going to the studio now with my tiny, light, portable blackberry. See you later with proper post of some sort. And stand by for a flurry of posts on The C Word.