Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Work in Progress

These five plates are all work in progress. They are test pieces but they've worked quite well in some ways. There's still a bit of trimming and tidyding up I want to do on the decals, but I'm happy with the basic idea.
From the top, they depict, Neda Agha Soltan, shot in Tehran on June 20th 2009 for being at an anti-government demonstration. Then there is 'Shame on you: Ashkaan's message to George Galloway.' Ashkaan is one my friends who comes to the demonstrations we hold regularly outside the Iranian Embassy in London to protest the coup d'etat, the stolen 'election,' and to remember the many men and women murdered, raped and imprisoned by the current Iranian regime for being political and social dissidents.
The thrird image is Taraaneh Mousavi, who was gang raped unto death by government irregular forces, called the basij, in June 2009. Her burnt body was eventually found dumped by a roadside somewhere near Qazvin. Then there is Sohrab Arabi, 19 year old student protester, shot in the street in June 2009. He is shown here with his mum at one the demonstrations. Then there is another image of Neda.
Apart form Ashkaan's these are commemorative plates some broken and mended. I love Ashkaan's message to Galloway because it seems to me to so completely from the heart and because he's saying something that matters - that the loathsome Galloway is collaborating hypocrite, who would no sooner provide genuine support to the people of Palestine than he would go to the moon.
The four images of murdered and raped protesters are probably the best known among the hundreds who have been killed and the thousands who are still imprisoned. There is so much more to do. This is just the beginning.
The top four plates are currently at Gallery Oldham but I'm not sure which they have decided to display. I hope all of them, but I know they were a bit pushed for space. The Oldham show finishes on November 14th.