Friday, 9 December 2011

'How To Eat a Pomegranate,' broadcasts to Iran and the diaspora

The earliest posts on this blog are about the work I did that was destined for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Esfahan, Iran. That was in 2009. Now, two and half years later, that same group of work, which fell foul of the coup d'etat in Iran in June 2009, and therefore did not go to Esfahan, has shown in three different venues: in London, Oldham, and York and has now been filmed by Manoto TV, a diaspora TV station based in the UK. The story and images of the work have been broadcast around the world on satellite TV, reaching a wide audience in Iran and the diapsora here in the UK. Here is the link to the programme which is a general cultural, magazine style programme with the film of me in my studio and at home and some of the pots at 14:36. It is about 10 minutes long. It is all in Farsi and there are no subtitles, so apologies, in advance to English readers but I hope some of you will enjoy it anyway.
This is a new link to the vimeo site. The Manoto site is unavailable at the moment so this is an alternative. Try both is you have problems. The vimeo link is the film alone so you dont have to find the right section.    
Manoto TV arts: Claudia Clare, English potter.