Monday, 24 December 2012

Sar Umad Zemestoon - lyrics in Latin Script and Farsi and a pretty good tanslation

سر اومد زمستون sar oomad zemestoon
 شكفته بهارون shekofte ye baharoon

گل سُرخ خورشيد دراومد و شب شد گريزون
gol e sorkhe khorshid dar oomado shab shod gorizoon x2

 كوه*ها لاله*زارن - لاله*ها بيدارن
koohHa lale zaraan laleha bidaran x2

 تو كوه*ها دارن گل گل گل جنگل و ميكارن
 too koohHa daran, gol gol gole jangalo mikaran x2

توی كوهستون دلش بيداره - تفنگ و گل و گندم داره مياره
tooye koohestoon e delesh bidareh tofango goLo gandoM dare miyareh

 توی سينش جان جان جان
tooyE sinash jan jan jan  (x2)

 يه جنگل ستاره داره جان جان - يه جنگل ستاره داره
ye jangaL setareH dare jan jan ! ye jangaL setareh dare!

 سر اومد زمستون شكفته بهارون گل سُرخ خورشيد دراومد-و شب شد گريزون ×2

 لبش خندة نور - دلش شعلة شور
labesh khandeyE noor! delesH sholeye shoor!

 صداش چشمه و يادش آهوی جنگل دور ×2
sedasH cheshme o yadesH ahooye jangaLe door!

 توی كوهستون دلش بيداره - تفنگ و گل و گندم داره مياره
 توی سينش جان جان جان - توی سينش جان جان جان

“The winter has come to an end, the spring has blossomed.
The red flower of the sun has risen once again, the night has escaped.
The mountains are covered with tulips, the tulips are awake.
They are planting sunshine in the moutains, flower by flower by flower.
In the mountains, his heart is awake, he is bringing flowers and bread and will defend
In his heart, he has a forest of stars.
His lips wear a smile of light.
His heart is filled with the flames of emotion.
His voice is like a spring.
His memory is like a deer in the forest of light.”

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Monday, 23 April 2012

Short film of me talking about my work and my connection to Iran (in Farsi with English subtitles)

 This is a short film made my friend Hossein Taraz about my work and my connection to Iran and to the Iranian opposition movement in London. Most of it was filmed in 2009, after the 'disputed' presidential election which most Iranians think of as a coup d'etat. It was edited bit by bit over the following year and Green Camera released it in March this year.