Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Farewell to Francis Kyle Gallery and starting life 'unrepresented' again

Francis Kyle Gallery closed in August 2014. I had been showing with them since 2009 and they represented me until 2014. Desperately sad to see them go. I loved showing with them. Only had the one solo show there, An Extraordinary Turn of Events, 2014 which was a huge success in terms of both sales, coverage and audience. My scheduled show for November 2014 was, therefore, cancelled. I got the news in July, two thirds of the way through making the work for the November show. I completed the work in progress - to the point where I could safely put it aside  - and then got on the with writing my book, 'Subversive Ceramics,' (Bloomsbury), which will be out later this year, December 2015.

The book is now in production and I am back in the studio. I'm finishing off the work that was destined originally for FKG and starting completely new material - and yes, it is exciting. It is particularly exciting to feel the sheer recklessness of working without an exhibition in mind- and very freeing. Francis Kyle may well continue as a dealer. I'll keep you posted on that. He still has his website, here:   and my page on that site is here - If you click on those pots you'll get three views of each one. I will be planning a show for the work done since 2012 and uploading images of the pots - on my website and on here.
That's it for now. Back soon with studio works in progress.